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Let yourself go by Siete Pasos

Siete Pasos, an adventurous look at the Wine World that will captivate you and will make you travel with a glass of wine in hand.

What is Siete Pasos?

The legend
Siete Pasos is a way of understanding the culture of wine, friendship, personal relationships… In resume, life itself.

This idea is born on a trip of friends, grouped around a table. Dining some lamb cutlets and drinking a glass of wine, we thought that we had to do something in the world of wine that would express our way to understand friendship.

Who are El Figura (The Star), El Prenda (The Dude), La Fresca (The Trampy) and La Lianta (The Stirrer)? They are those people with whom we share the good as well as the bad moments.

This way of understanding life, based on the wine culture and gastronomy, is always focusing on a responsible and moderate consumption of both. We would like you to feel the same as we do, each time that we decided to taste these wines, each time that we face new challenges. We want to make you our travel buddies on this new and exciting project.

What is Territorio Cepa?

The best of each family
Territorio Cepa (Vine Territory), is our most distinguished collection of wines, that represents most important wine regions from our country.

We invite you to know an exquisite selection of distinctive wines, whose characteristics makes them unique. For being an uncommon grape variety, a vineyard/terroir with a special character, of a painstaking, cuddle and cared crafting process...

Our white wines, some of them are young and fresh, others are velvety and voluptuous, they kept the soul of the place. Our reds, with an adequate age in wood, always respect its nature.

In Territorio Cepa, you will find extraordinaire wines, balanced and in perfect harmony. These are wines with a great respect to its typicality and each of them one of kind.

Maridaje siete pasos

Better in good company

The pairing
Each dish has its appropriate Siete Pasos. Or even more than one. It depends on the moment, the weather, the place, the company. These are our suggestions. Your human touch is the only thing missing.

Siete Pasos is the story of a meeting, of a strong bond based on friendship. Since it’s been documented, wine and gastronomy have taken the same path in history. This is the cycle that sums up this mutual affect. You can follow it to the letter or combine it depending on your taste, but never forget the spirit. The spirit of those things that unite us.

Here begins our journey...